UrsaLeo Launches UrsaLeo Cloud Platform

New platform givers users the power to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Google Cloud gateway

San Francisco — June 5, 2019 —UrsaLeo, an enterprise-grade, cloud-based industrial IoT platform for manufacturing, today announced the official launch of the UrsaLeo Cloud Platform. As a Google Cloud partner, the company has configured cloud-enabled hardware that collects data and delivers dashboards, sensor diagnostics, and data storage management. Using the UrsaLeo Gateway package for Raspian, the new platform also allows users to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Google Cloud gateway. The entire Platform is available immediately at UrsaLeo.com.

“We’ve worked hard over the last 18 months to build an extensible and secure IoT platform that will immediately transform industrial and manufacturing applications,” said Angie Sticher, COO and CPO of UrsaLeo. “Our engineering team has laid the foundation to add new features quickly based on customer and marketplace feedback.”

The Platform offers the following feature set:

  • UrsaLeo Gateway package for Raspbian and Yocto Linux.
  • Tested hardware includes the popular Raspberry Pi v3B and v3B+ and NXP UltraLite processor
  • Automated device provisioning process makes it easy to create a secure connection to the UrsaLeo Cloud.
  • The ability to store, view, and act on environmental sensor data.
  • Multi-user management giving the entire team the ability to access environmental data.
  • Ability to download data for offline analysis.
  • Visual dashboard allow at-a-glance views of sensor readings.

“We learned a lot from our beta release and through interfacing with our beta testers,” said John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. “Based on their feedback, we enhanced user controls with the automated device provisioning process coming directly from the growing UrsaLeo community. Our team will continue to monitor and improve the user experience and welcome feedback from our users.”

About UrsaLeoUrsaLeo provides an enterprise-grade, cloud-based industrial IoT platform for manufacturing. The UrsaLeo Cloud platform enables businesses to securely connect, analyze and act on data delivering improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and access to new revenue streams. At a fraction of the cost of legacy systems, manufacturers can easily develop and deploy industrial applications at the edge and in the cloud. As a Google Cloud and SaaS partner, the UrsaLeo Cloud platform securely connects millions of globally dispersed devices and scales automatically in response to real-time changes. UrsaLeo was founded by manufacturing and software engineering experts averaging 25 years of industry expertise. For more information visit https://www.ursaleo.com.