Winner of IoT World Innovation of the Year Award 2019

Advanced User Interface Using PhotoRealistic 3D Digital Twins

What is a digital twin?

UrsaLeo provides 3D models of facilities that can display data from multiple sources.

Connect sensors directly to a photorealistic model using UrsaLeo's IoT platform or feed data from other IoT sources. Combine with physical asset data to get a real time view of operations.

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How does it work?

UrsaLeo starts by creating a digital twin of your facility.

Using photos and measurements, CAD files, scans, or blueprints, we recreate your facility digitally. We then map any sensor or asset data directly onto the model using standard IoT protocols and a bit of our own secret sauce.

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Why choose UrsaLeo?

All-in-one cloud-enabled solutions. Unlimited commercial applications.

From monitoring buildings to assessing machine health, using 3D digital twins gives you a quick and easy view into the state of your business's world. Experience faster triage time, better reporting through video playback, easier knowledge sharing and transfer and more. Take your business into the future by taking advantage of human machine interfaces like voice commands, touch, and AR/VR.

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Interact with your data on a whole new level.

Who uses UrsaLeo?

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