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Winner of IoT World Innovation of the Year Award 2019

Advanced Visualization of Data for Industry 4.0

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UrsaLeo provides 3D models of facilities that can display data from multiple sources

Connect sensors directly to the model using UrsaLeo's own IoT platform or feed data from other IoT sources. Combine with selected physical asset data to get a complete real time view of operations


How does it work?

First we create a realistic model of the installation to be monitored. That can be done using CAD files and direct modelling if needed. Next we add sensor data either directly or from other IoT platforms.  We deliver a accurate, realistic 3D model where all of the facility operations are captured.

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Oil & Gas

Collecting data from large oil and gas facilities

A complex installation like a refinery is the perfect place to use 3D modelling technology to make sense of the thousands of data points gathered from sensors.


Monitoring equipment in facilities

Manufacturing facilities modeled and overlaid with sensor data from installed machinery can provide a clear view of operations