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Digital twin technology integrates various tasks currently segregated in different software. It simulates facility operations pre-construction, facilitates collaboration among diverse design partners using different CAD software, synchronizes construction documentation with RFIs and submittals, and integrates maintenance systems and real-time sensor data for operational analytics.

NVIDIA is the world’s leading developer of digital twin tools, building on their gaming expertise. They offer a rich set of simulation tools, the Omniverse toolkit based on the Universal Scene Descriptor (USD) file format and the hardware to deliver the twin in ray traced graphics with realistic lighting, reflections and shadows.

UrsaLeo is the first company in the world to build a Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS) using the Omniverse toolkit and the first company in the world to stream the results using NVIDIA’s own Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) worldwide servers.

With no technical barrier to entry, no hardware needs beyond the ability to support a browser, UrsaLeo’s Gemini platform is the first of the next generation digital twin platforms. Ask to see a demonstration and begin exploring how your operations could be served by a digital twin.


Gemini supports a wide library of simulation tools, allowing planning  and testing of ‘what if’ scenarios across a range of applications. Omniverse simulation packages include:

Physics based for rigid bodies colliding and falling

Fluid dynamics to simulate gases and liquids

Robotic simulators

Blast simulation for explosions

Particle simulations for smoke or sand

Drive simulation for vehicles

People simulation

Scientific and medical simulation packages

All of these can be used to drive visualizations on the Gemini platform. Comparing simulated and real data is also a common use case for Gemini.

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