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What is an UrsaLeo Digital Twin?

UrsaLeo provides 3D models of facilities that can display data from multiple sources

Connect sensors directly to a photorealistic model using UrsaLeo’s IoT platform or feed data from other IoT sources. Combine with physical asset data to get a real-time view of operations, remote collaboration, and much more.

How Does it Work?

UrsaLeo starts by creating a digital twin of your facility

Using CAD files, and/or 3D scans, we recreate your facility and equipment digitally. We then map any sensors or asset data directly onto the model using standard IoT protocols and a bit of our secret sauce. Creating models is quick and inexpensive, a couple of weeks and a few thousand dollars typically.

Why Choose UrsaLeo?

Reduced operational costs by 15%

Experience faster triage time, instant document retrieval, remote collaboration, and better reporting through video playback. Take your business into the future by taking advantage of human-machine interfaces like voice commands, touch, AR.

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