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Connect equipment. Monitor anything. Process data.

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UrsaLeo is an IoT platform that allows anyone to store, analyze and act on data collected from all types of industrial equipment.

UrsaLeo provides a platform to securely transmit, store, visualize, analyze and act on data from low-cost monitoring sensors. It’s quick, too - the time between purchasing one of our cloud enabled development kits and seeing live sensor data on your cloud dashboard is about ten minutes.


How does it work?

Our hardware development kits are pre-loaded with the necessary code to collect information from all your sensors and transmit, store, analyze, and act on that data. To get started, create a cloud account on our Google Cloud based platform, enter a unique code, and you’ll quickly start seeing sensor data in your dashboard.

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Oil & Gas

Collecting data from large oil and gas facilities

Mounting sensors on the myriad equipment in a modern oil refinery allows data to be gathered centrally and potential maintenance issues to be identified early. UrsaLeo is also working on ‘digital twinning’ - combining 3D models of such complex facilities with real time sensor data.

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Hydroponic farming

Monitoring conditions for indoor farms

Hydroponics allows growing to continue year round but requires very accurate measurement and control of many environmental factors

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Food industry

Tracking food storage temperature

Keeping food refrigerated and providing records during transportation and storage for safety and compliance

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Monitoring equipment in facilities

Monitoring equipment in manufacturing to enable preventative maintenance

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