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Winner of IoT World Innovation of the Year Award 2019

Store, Visualize and Act on IoT Data

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UrsaLeo is an IoT platform that allows anyone to store, analyze and act on data collected from all types of industrial equipment.

UrsaLeo provides a platform to securely transmit, store, visualize, analyze and act on data from low-cost monitoring sensors. It’s quick, too - the time between downloading our software and seeing live sensor data on your cloud dashboard is about ten minutes.


How does it work?

We provide a free software download that installs on popular Linux based gateways. Users then create a cloud account on our platform and run a simple provisioning process to associate their device with the cloud. Data can then be sent, stored, downloaded and acted upon

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Oil & Gas

Collecting data from large oil and gas facilities

Mounting sensors on the myriad equipment in a modern oil refinery allows data to be gathered centrally and potential maintenance issues to be identified early. UrsaLeo is also working on ‘digital twinning’ - combining 3D models of such complex facilities with real time sensor data.

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Monitoring equipment in facilities

Monitoring equipment in manufacturing to gather information, analyze data and detect possible failure, enabling preventative maintenance

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