Access All Your Data Through a Digital Twin


Design, Plan, Operate and Maintain in One Interface

A Central Hub to Access all your Data

During Design

We utilize the fantastic power of NVIDIA’s Omniverse to deliver digital twins fully hosted in the cloud. Our digital twins are rendered on the latest high-end servers and streamed to any device that supports a browser, typically at 120 FPS. Architects, designers, planners, and engineering companies can use the digital twin to simulate, plan, collaborate and showcase the facility.  Over forty different 3D design packages seamlessly sync into a single twin alongside accurate geospatial data. Real time ray-traced graphics show accurate reflections, textures, colors and shadows, changing as the light changes – under the users control.

During Construction

During construction, all participants can continue collaborating through the twin. Documents are added to the twin by clicking on objects within the scene so manuals, warranties and close out documents, can be attached to the relevant part of the twin. We interface with common construction management software such as Procore. At closeout, the twin can be delivered to the client with all needed data integrated into the twin.

During Operation

After delivery, the twin can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS), IoT systems, SCADA systems, real time location systems (RTLS) and work order systems. Asset information, documentation and maintenance history can be retrieved simply by clicking objects in the twin. Key metrics can be highlighted using advanced data visualizations, highlighting energy usage or frequency of warnings and errors from pieces of equipment. If simulation was used, the models can be compared to actual operation, highlighting inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Complete building dashboards are created using a massive library of pre-designed graphs and charts. We have integrated our twins with industry-leading analytics software for those wanting to search for real-time deeper insights.


Gemini supports a wide library of simulation tools, allowing planning  and testing of ‘what if’ scenarios across a range of applications. Omniverse simulation packages include:

Physics based for rigid bodies colliding and falling

Fluid dynamics to simulate gases and liquids

Robotic simulators

Blast simulation for explosions

Particle simulations for smoke or sand

Drive simulation for vehicles

People simulation

Scientific and medical simulation packages

All of these can be used to drive visualizations on the Gemini platform. Comparing simulated and real data is also a common use case for Gemini.

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