Digital Twins as a Service (DTaaS)


Planning, Simulation, Training and Operation

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Digital Twins can be used at every stage of an operation, from planning and simulation, through construction and on into operations. UrsaLeo is one of the world’s first providers of Digital Twins as a Service (DTaaS). We are closely partnered with NVIDIA, the world’s leader of graphics and AI technology.

We deliver the twins through a simple web browser – the user does not require any specific software or hardware beyond a regular internet.

Our twins are used across many industries around the world to simulate, plan, train and operate facilities from smart buildings to manufacturing facilities to water utilities.


Gemini supports a wide library of simulation tools, allowing planning  and testing of ‘what if’ scenarios across a range of applications. Omniverse simulation packages include:

Physics based for rigid bodies colliding and falling

Fluid dynamics to simulate gases and liquids

Robotic simulators

Blast simulation for explosions

Particle simulations for smoke or sand

Drive simulation for vehicles

People simulation

Scientific and medical simulation packages

All of these can be used to drive visualizations on the Gemini platform. Comparing simulated and real data is also a common use case for Gemini.


DTaaS Can provide the graphics integrated into a learning management system (LMS). UrsaLeo has partnered with Emmersive Learning, one of the leaders in the LMS space to offer training modules to our customers.


The twin is connected to multiple data sources; real time sensor data, maintenance systems, document management systems and asset management are common.

Data is displayed in context with simple clicking on an area or a piece of equipment in the twin. 

Dynamic objects can be animated with their xyz coordinates (from camera or RF tags).

UrsaLeo provides a complete IoT platform built into the product allowing alerts on complex conditions, data over time graphs and sensor management. We are partnered with companies that provide industry specific data analytics and continue to integrate with the industries leading 3rd party software platforms.

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