UrsaLeo Delivers Cutting-Edge Digital Twin for Edyap’s Water Treatment Plant for the City of Athens

UrsaLeo, a leading provider of digital twin solutions, is proud to announce the creation of a state-of-the-art digital twin for Edyap’s water treatment plant for the City of Athens. This groundbreaking project marks a significant advancement in the realm of smart infrastructure and environmental management.

Edyap, a renowned player in the water treatment industry, joined forces with UrsaLeo to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. The digital twin, a virtual replica of the physical water treatment plant, leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide real-time insights, predictive analytics, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Key features of the digital twin solution include:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: The digital twin offers real-time monitoring of key parameters such as water quality, flow rates, and equipment performance. This ensures that any deviations from optimal conditions are immediately identified and addressed.
  2. Document, Asset and Maintenance Integration: The digital twin integrates with Edyap’s document management system, asset management and maintenance systems to become a central repository of all information about the plant.
  3. Energy Efficiency: UrsaLeo’s digital twin incorporates energy consumption data, allowing Edyap to optimize energy usage and reduce environmental impact. This aligns with both economic and sustainability goals, contributing to the City of Athens’ commitment to green initiatives.
  4. Collaborative Platform: The digital twin serves as a collaborative platform for stakeholders involved in the water treatment process. It facilitates seamless communication and data sharing among operators, engineers, and decision-makers, promoting a more connected and informed approach to plant management. Features include a measurement and markup tool to permanently record meeting notes.

This innovative digital twin solution exemplifies the commitment of UrsaLeo, Edyap, and the City of Athens to embracing cutting-edge technologies for the betterment of water treatment processes and environmental conservation. The collaboration sets a precedent for the integration of smart infrastructure solutions in municipal operations, showcasing the potential for improved resource management and resilience in the face of evolving challenges.