UrsaLeo and Widget Brain Team up to Offer Machine Learning on IoT Data

UrsaLeo and Widget Brain, a company that offers scalable AI services to transform machine data into improved machine uptime and performance, today announced a partnership to help Industry 4.0 companies realize the full power of their IoT data. By connecting the two platforms through an API, the data that UrsaLeo gathers will be able to seamlessly integrate with Widget Brain’s Algorithm Factory. The data can then be used to drive Widget Brain’s proprietary root cause analysis and failure prediction algorithms to generate previously unseen insights into the customer’s business.

“UrsaLeo and Widget Brain are a perfect match’ commented John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. ‘We are in the business of collecting data in industrial environments and Widget Brain has the expertise to use and mine that data to generate useful insights’

Stacy Huffstetler, Managing Director of Widget Brain North America, agrees: “Working with UrsaLeo allows us both to focus on what we do best, while offering a complete service to our clients. I’m very excited about this partnership and the impact we can have together in this space.

Together the companies will offer the customers a comprehensive IoT platform with a direct connection into an advanced machine learning environment. Features include:

  • A comprehensive platform to gather, store, visualize and act on data in a manufacturing environment
  • Ability to stream that data into Widget Brian’s AI services to help recognize patterns and deliver process improvements
  • A single point of contact for customers to access the complete offering

‘Machine Learning offers enormous promise’ said Angie Sticher, CPO of UrsaLeo. ‘However it’s not as simple as just feeding a data stream into Tensor Flow or some other deep learning algorithm. Widget Brian brings the expertise needed to separate the useful data from noise and thus perform diagnoses and predictions that are relevant for the machine in question. We’re delighted to be able to offer their services to our customer base’

About Widget Brain

Widget Brain is the plug-in AI services provider to make optimised decisions. With a mission to maximise uptime and improve machine performance, various AI and machine learning techniques are used to provide invaluable insights together with the maintenance experts of OEMS, operators and service parties. The set of enterprise-grade AI services consists out of Root Cause Analysis, Fault Diagnosis, Failure Prediction, Service Order Prioritization and Service Planning. Go to www.widgetbrain.com to learn more.