UrsaLeo, a leading provider of advanced visualization solutions for Industry 4.0, and Paracosma, a company specializing in 3D content creation, today announced a collaboration that gives Industry 4.0 companies the ability to realize the full power of IoT (Internet of Things) data. UrsaLeo’s technology combines multiple manufacturing data streams and displays these in a 3D model of the facility. This visual command center streamlines workflows allowing operators to respond in real-time to issues, preventing failures or scheduling predictive maintenance before failures arise.

“As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, Paracosma’s expertise in the creation of stunning 3D assets with minimal turnaround time vastly increases our ability to deliver technology that alerts users of critical issues,” commented John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. “3D modeling is the next evolution in Industry 4.0 and will be the new standard for manufacturers worldwide.”

Together the companies will offer customers a seamless process to create 3D models of facilities with very little overhead. With a single 3D view of all of the data housed in a facility, users can:

  • Maintain optimal operational efficiency
  • Triage issues before they become catastrophic failures
  • Schedule predictive maintenance
  • Streamline staff training

“As a Venture Capitalist since 2000, I have met with many Internet of Things startups,” says Ken Ehrhart, Founder and CEO of Paracosma. “With their ability to visualize data and its sources in a live 3D environment, UrsaLeo stands apart in offering users the most complete vision of real-time information in a meaningful context.”

About ParacosmaParacosma Inc is an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) design, consulting and systems integration company that provides solutions and skills to both small and large customers. Paracosma services include 3D content creation, application development, and project implementation across a broad range of AR & VR platforms.  Additionally, Paracosma creates its own content in the gaming, entertainment, tourism, enterprise and education/training spaces. Paracosma also has proprietary technology for producing, viewing, managing and distributing 360-degree photo and video content. For more information visit http://www.paracosma.com