UrsaLeo and Shiratech Announce Collaboration Bringing Predictive Maintenance for the Planning, Prediction, and Prevention of Performance Issues

Using advanced 3D Digital Twin, AI, and machine learning technology innovative platform and sensor solution provide real-time insights into legacy equipment for triage and issue resolution

San Francisco, CA, and Tel-Aviv, Israel ­ — March 23, 2021 ­— UrsaLeo, an enterprise software company that enables users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their facility or product, and Shiratech, a world-leading specialist in Industry 4.0-based condition monitoring and predictive maintenance technologies, today announced a collaboration to offer advanced 3D Digital Twin, AI, sensor, and machine learning technology. The combination of the UrsaLeo platform with Shiratech’s iCOMOX™ solution integrated into legacy equipment allows manufacturers to plan, predict, and prevent performance issues.

“For many manufacturers, replacing legacy equipment can cost anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and may not be necessary with machinery that already operates at a high-performance level,” said John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. “Many types of older assembly equipment can be IIoT-enabled quickly, easily and cost-effectively, which is why the collaboration with Shiratech is vital to help bring companies with older equipment into the world of Industry 4.0.”

“The iCOMOX™ solution enables the precise monitoring of vibrations, magnetic-field, temperature, sound, and current. Using advanced AI and machine learning technology on edge this innovative solution provides real-time data about machine health, which is relayed directly to the cloud for analysis and real-time issue resolution,” said David Vactor, Managing Director of Shiratech.

Industrial machinery is designed to be a workhorse and can often last for many years before needing to be replaced. Without having to build an advanced factory or invest capital in new equipment, the UrsaLeo/Shiratech solution is ideal for cost-conscious executives looking to reap the benefits of Industry 4.0.


About UrsaLeo

UrsaLeo is an enterprise software company that enables users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their facility or product. Backed by a powerful end-to-end IoT platform, UrsaLeo displays data from multiple systems to create a digital command center for all facilities or product information. Pulling in data from sensors, assets and maintenance databases, and other IoT systems, the UrsaLeo 3D system displays mind-blowing visualizations, directs users automatically to user-defined events, allows recording and replaying of the entire system during failures, accelerates triage response time, allows remote collaboration, and eliminates training needs. UrsaLeo was founded by manufacturing and software engineering experts with more than 50 years of industry expertise. For more information visit https://www.ursaleo.com.

About Shiratech

Shiratech is an experienced Industry 4.0 solution provider owned by A.Y. Electronics Group, an established electronics supply chain management company. Shiratech’s design engineering capabilities, advanced manufacturing excellence and new product introduction expertise, as well as its presence in Germany, make it a partner of choice. The company’s objective is to match innovative solutions with the right people. Shiratech is doing that by creating flexible, easy-to-try solutions that enable its customers to better monitor and protect their assets.

Visit www.shiratech-solutions.com to learn more.