UrsaLeo and Alleantia Announce the Integration of 3D Photorealistic Digital Twin and Sensor Gateway Technologies

Newly combined products give customers a complete end-to-end solution that supports more than 5000 industrial devices and deliver a complete digital control center for Industry 4.0 operations

San Francisco, CA ­ — November 5, 2020 ­— UrsaLeo, an enterprise software company that enables users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their facility or product, and Alleantia, internationally known for its plug and play software for the Industrial Internet of Things, today announced the integration of 3D photorealistic digital twin and sensor gateway technologies. When combined, the two products offer industrial customers a complete end-to-end solution supporting more than 5000 industrial devices and delivering a complete digital control center for Industry 4.0 operations.

“With the company’s impressive technology and Xpango library of supported products, out of the box support for an endless combination of industrial equipment, and the ability to see data on our 3D digital twins, Alleantia is the perfect partner for UrsaLeo,” said John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo. “Their experience in the IoT space is unmatched and together we see opportunities for this integration across a global list of customers.”

“This partnership is essential for our expansion into North America and will allow us to introduce UrsaLeo’s innovative offering to customers in the European market and beyond,” said Antonio Conati Barbaro, Co-Founder, Chief of Operations at Alleantia. “Ursaleo is the first Alleantia partner to offer 3D digital twins with an intuitive dashboard for triaging and solving potential issues before they arise and the perfect combination for porting data to the cloud using our gateway.

Join John Burton and Antonio Conati Barbaro on December 9th for the virtual The IIoT World Manufacturing day. Registration is available here. The talk will focus on their complete end-to-end manufacturing solution that combines data collection using Alleantia’s 5,000+ drivers for common industrial devices and UrsaLeo’s photorealistic 3D digital twins to display the data. Collectively the combined solution decreases costs, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact. 

About UrsaLeo

UrsaLeo is an enterprise software company that enables users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their facility or product. Backed by a powerful end-to-end IoT platform, UrsaLeo displays data from multiple systems to create a digital command center for all facilities or product information. Pulling in data from sensors, assets and maintenance databases, and other IoT systems, the UrsaLeo 3D system displays mind blowing visualizations, directs users automatically to user defined events, allows recording and replaying of the entire system during failures, accelerates triage response time, allows remote collaboration, and eliminates training needs. UrsaLeo was founded by manufacturing and software engineering experts with more than 50 years of industry expertise. For more information visit https://www.ursaleo.com.


About Alleantia 

Founded in 2011, Alleantia is internationally known for its plug & play software solutions applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Alleantia’s plug & play IoT technology is the beating heart of the digital transformation of every industrial business. Conceived and built to offer simplicity, scalability, reliability and speed of implementation, Alleantia allows each company to achieve maximum efficiency, thanks to a complete convergence between OT and IT, a wide ecosystem of certified partners (application developers, system integrators, cloud platforms) and works in partnership with the main global players in the IT world. A platform that allows complete IoT integration with a plug & play connection of any industrial device or production line, machine tool, industrial plant, with any on-premise or in-cloud IT infrastructure (e.g. Azure IoT Hub from Microsoft or AWS IoT from Amazon or MQTTS), an integrated management of ‘Enterprise-grade’ software, remote installation and updating of Alleantia software, a proprietary library with 5000 ready-to-use drivers, able to offer high performance in data acquisition and in their management, interpretation and distribution, IT security, with technical support and experience recognized in Italy and abroad.

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