Smart Water

Digital Twins for Water Treatment

Enhancing the Data Generated in a Water Facility

Water treatment plants are a very common target for digital twins. They tend to be remote, which plays to the collaboration capabilities of digital twins, and data visualizations can really bring the plant’s status to life. Often water utilities are keen to provide their customers with detailed information as to their local plant’s operation and status and twins are a great way to do that.

Energy usage of water plants is also of growing concern. The twin is created from 3D CAD. If it does not already exist, we can recommend a number of techniques for low cost CAD creation. See this page for details.

Once we have CAD we can convert that to a digital twin, combine it with Geospatial data to show the water plant ‘in situ’ and take data from installed SCADA systems to show real time operation. From there data visualizations can be used to enhance the data (show water quality by color for example), color code alerts based on frequency, compare simulated data with real data and more.

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