Digital Twins

Digital Twins

The first step in creating a digital twin is to have 3D CAD of the building that will be converted to a digital replica. For older buildings, CAD does not always exist. We have extensive experience in creating CAD at extremely low cost. Here are some of the techniques we use:

LIDAR scanning

To get an accurate CAD, LIDAR scanning is the most accurate method. Many 3rd party companies provide this service, and UrsaLeo will happily put you in touch with a local provider.


Another popular technique, this is a fancy way of saying ‘take a lot of photographs of the facility. These are then stitched together so the user can ‘hop’ from point to point in the resulting model and get a 360 degree view. Great for getting colors and textures – the accuracy is not as good as LIDAR and actually combining the two techniques gives the best results.

Use a 2D floorplan

Many older buildings only have 2D plans. If those are combined with photographs, a skilled CAD designer can produce a 3D CAD from them with a high level of accuracy.

Digital twin in geospatial setting

In all of the above techniques, the goal is to generate a 3D CAD that can be used as a starting point for the twin. UrsaLeo is able to advise on creating CAD at very reasonable costs.

Don’t let the lack of 3D CAD stand in the way of creating digital twins.

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