Smart Energy

Digital Twins for Energy Facilities

Enhancing the Data in Energy Generation and Distribution

Energy facilities can be enormously complicated with large numbers of pieces of equipment and systems. There is often also multiple duplicating systems in place such as SCADA systems from different vendors. Documents retrieval, asset data and maintenance systems all deliver large amounts of information.

Digital Twins can help organize and deliver this plethora of data, to a control room or to a hand held device in the field via any browser.

Starting from CAD or LIDAR scan, we create the digital twin, combine it with Geospatial data to show the plant ‘in situ’ and take data from installed SCADA systems to show real time operation. We integrate with document management, asset management and maintenance systems to get a complete picture of the plants operation. From there data visualizations can be used to enhance the data, for example to color code alerts based on frequency, compare real data with simulated data and more..

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