Smart Building

Digital Twins for Smart Buildings

Using Twins during Design, Construction and Operation

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry tends to use multiple disparate 3D technologies, although projects rely on collaboration between many different parties. During design, the architects, engineers and building operators need to collaborate. We add the General Contractor (GC) and sub-contractors to the collaboration efforts during construction. Building operation after construction is often still dependent on 2D drawings and manuals in paper format.

During operation, buildings are one of the most common targets for digital twins. They are big consumers of energy and the target of much legislation around the world requiring them to become ‘net zero.’ Among many other features, using the digital twin to track energy consumption and make sense of the vast amounts of data that can be generated makes smart buildings excellent digital twin candidates.

Ursaleo Dashboard for Digital Twins for Smart Buildings

Interfacing with other building systems for indoor positioning, maintenance and security brings all the building data into one interface. Our twins interface to analytics software such as SkySpark, widely used in the smart building industry. Using graphics to highlight critical information can give the operator insight into energy consumption, equipment reliability and other KPIs.

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