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Digital Twins for Facilities

3D Digital Twins for use during Design, Construction and Operation

During Design

We utilize the fantastic power of NVIDIA’s Omniverse toolkit to deliver digital twins fully hosted in the cloud. Architects, designers, planners, and engineering companies can use the digital twin to collaborate. NVIDIA provides various simulation tools, from physics-based to fluid dynamics and particle-based, to allow almost any environment to be modeled. Over forty 3D design packages are supported, syncing into a single twin. We add geospatial data so the twin appears in a realistic 3D geographical setting. The twin is delivered through a simple web browser interface, removing the need for any software installation. Collaboration tools include measurement, savable screen mark-up, unlimited participants and the ability to hand camera control and presenter rights to all users. Asset data is associated with objects in the twin and can be retrieved and edited directly in the twin.

During Construction

During construction, all participants can continue collaborating through the twin, typically adding contractors and sub-contractors to the design team. We charge a flat fee per project, so there is no charge for adding more users. Documents can now be added to the twin by clicking on objects within the scene so manuals, warranties, and delivery dockets can all be attached to the relevant part of the twin. As designs are updated, they will re-sync with the twin so it remains a source of truth through construction and into facility operation. Documents are stored locally with the twin and in external document management systems under user control. Detailed asset data can be added to the twin simply by scanning delivery dockets as goods and equipment arrive on site. At closeout, the twin can be delivered to the client containing a record of all design changes, documents, and asset data.

During Operation

After delivery, the twin can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS), IoT systems, SCADA systems, real time location systems (RTLS) and work order systems. Asset information, documentation and maintenance history can be retrieved simply by clicking objects in the twin. Key metrics can be highlighted using advanced data visualizations, highlighting energy usage or frequency of warnings and errors from pieces of equipment. If simulation was used, the models can be compared to actual operation, highlighting inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Complete building dashboards can be created using a massive library of pre-designed graphs and charts. We have integrated our twins with industry-leading analytics software for those wanting to slice and dice real-time data searching for insights and actions.

For Manufacturers

Extending the twin to a full manufacturing facility brings additional functionality; data from multiple SCADA systems in a single interface, the tracking of moving objects such as forklifts or automated pallets and the ability to add more visualizations to highlight manufacturing KPIs and highlight problems or bottlenecks. A rich suite of simulation tools are available to model anything from automated warehouse operation through to a complete production line. We integrate with leading asset management and maintenance software commonly used in manufacturing.

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