Manage the Lifecycle of
your Facility


Digital Twins for Facilities

3D Digital Twins for use during Design, Construction and Operation

During Design

We utilize the amazing power of NVIDIA’s Omniverse toolkit to deliver digital twins, fully hosted in the cloud. The digital twin can be used by architects, engineering companies and interior designers¬† to collaborate with each other and with the end client. Over forty 3D design packages are supported, syncing into a single twin. Geospatial data can be added, so the twin appears in a realistic geographical setting.¬† The twin is delivered through a simple web browser interface, removing the need for any software installation.¬†

During Construction

General Contractors (GCs), subcontractors, architects and the client, can collaborate through the construction process. GCs and subcontractors can document their progress, uploading O&M manuals and warranties through the twin to keep them in context and preparing for closeout.

During Operation

Once construction is complete, the twin can be used to deliver the project to the client with all Building Information Management (BIM) data and building documentation attached. The twin can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS) and work order systems. Key metrics can be highlighted using advanced data visualizations. For the ultimate in building management, the twin is already integrated with leading building analytics software, such as SkyFoundry.

For Manufacturers

Extending the twin to a full manufacturing facility brings additional functionality; data from multiple SCADA systems in a single interface, the tracking of moving objects such as forklifts or automated pallets and the ability to add more visualizations to highlight manufacturing KPIs and highlight problems or bottlenecks.

See how it works

This video covers the main features of the digital twin. Request demo access to try it for yourself.

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