All-in-one cloud enabled solutions. Unlimited commercial applications.

It all starts with our developer kit.

Cloud computing offers many benefits to almost every industry, but accessing and using cloud technology can be a daunting task. UrsaLeo handles it all for you, from security to dashboards to triggering alerts.

Hardware Developer Kit

Our developer kits consist of popular off-the-shelf hardware platforms, pre-enabled with our cloud connectivity code. We also include multiple sensors so the user has a complete system to start their cloud development with the flexibility of adding more as your needs and complexity grow.

Cloud Connected Code

The UrsaLeo cloud connection requires your connected devices to have unique security certificates. Once verified by our cloud platform, your encrypted data is transmitted securely using MQTT or HTTPS protocols.

Sensor Library

Our kits ship with multiple sensors pre-enabled in the code, with many Additional sensors available in our online sensor library. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can do custom sensor additions upon request.


Each sensor has a unique dashboard panel associated with it and custom dashboards can be built by simply dragging, dropping and resizing individual panels.


Connect sensors with the cloud. Get actionable data.

Adding sensors to your equipment is just the first step. Collecting the sensor data, storing it, and using it to drive automated alerts amplifies the value of that data by orders of magnitude. Everything that can be measured can now be stored, processed, and acted on, using our robust alert system that can be customized to fit your business needs.


Leverage actionable data

Collecting data from equipment opens many possibilities. Thresholds can be set to trigger alerts, alerts can also be triggered when data is NOT received. As larger amounts of data are gathered, correlations can be analyzed. Data can be used to train machine learning algorithms - leading eventually to AI driven predictions.

Co-brand & customize for your customers

From fridges that send a text when the temperature rises to motors that email when vibration increases, we empower you to generate additional revenues from your customer base, and they get added product benefits with an easy monthly subscription.

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Secure from the start

Security is applied at every stage. Device security patches are automatically delivered over-the-air (OTA). Connection to the cloud requires a valid security certificate and all transmitted data is encrypted. Users access the UrsaLeo cloud through our secure server, keeping all customer data safe and protected.

Who uses UrsaLeo?

Actionable intelligence for any industry.






Restaurant owners that get a text when the power fails on their fridge. Farmers who can see the exact soil PH and moisture values across their properties. Conveyor belts whose driving motors indicate when they are overheating. Buildings which detect and count the people entering a room. We supply the hardware and software to monitor endless scenarios – what applications can you think of?

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