VT Scans

Case Study

Headquartered in Michigan, VT Scans provides scanning services across the US and Canada using a range of techniques including LIDAR and photogrammetry. They can mount scanners on drones to scan outdoors and the exterior of buildings.

When VT scans was looking for additional services they could offer their clients, they came to UrsaLeo. VT has already scanned more than 1,000,000 sq ft of commercial and industrial spaces. UrsaLeo is able to take their RGB point clouds and deliver a fully photorealistic 3D digital twin. This can then be combined with real time sensor data, maintenance records, data sheets and more to provide VT’s customers with a complete digital control center.

UrsaLeo is hosting VTs complete backend where customers will be able to access their scans, models and all of their operational data. VT works with leading industrial companies such as Koch Industries, Ford and Kennedy Industries.