Easily integrate metaverse features into your product

Building management
Smart buildings generate huge amounts of data being used to help reduce energy consumption, monitor temperature, humidity, air quality and track moving equipment. Gemini is integrated into multiple building management platforms to deliver this data in a visual and understandable way. Gemini can display thousands of data points in a single screen, enable onsite / offsite collaboration and provide visual reporting.

Oil and Gas
The oil and gas industry is concerned with safety, equipment maintenance, methane emissions and efficiency. Gemini enhances all these requirements offering personnel tracking, remote maintenance, methane visualizations, SCADA data and a way to see the ground truth of remote facilities before a site visit.

Water Treatment
Water treatment facilities require continual monitoring of water quality, fluid levels, fluid flow, power usage and more. Gemini displays this data through a digital twin and allows remote and onsite operators to collaborate.

Power Utilities
Remote substations require frequent onsite visits for maintenance. Gemini can display ground truth derived from a scan and allow onsite offsite collaboration.

LIDAR scan delivery
Scans are a popular way to capture older facilities in 3D when 3D CAD doesn’t exist. Scans are often converted to CAD but non-expert users require a way to view and use the scans. Gemini offers a simple way to view and use the data and combine it with real time IoT and asset information.

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