Use Cases

Reducing University Carbon Footprint

Universities are leading the net zero initiatives with respect to reducing building carbon footprints in campuses across the US, UK, and EU.

Many buildings are being built or retrofitted with energy offset tools like solar panels. Some are going a step further by monitoring consumption throughout a building and storing excess energy in batteries or even reselling it to the grid. When we tap into these data streams, we can show the building manager exactly where energy is being generated as well as where its energy hogs lie through the net energy visualization shown in the screenshot above.

Every building can utilize this tool, including student housing centers and lecture halls as there is no user data or privacy concern to address. Gemini is backed by Amazon’s security services, giving users even more comfort that their data is only visible to trusted users.

  • Digital Twin is generated from any standard 3D design tool
  • Viewable in a web browser or on an iOS device
  • Extend use of the platform with canned or custom visualizations
  • Show alert conditions when predefined thresholds are met or crossed
  • Works with any connected sensor from any manufacturer
  • Tap into any sensors connected in the building – Gemini can display information from a wide variety of sensor types – such as temperature, humidity and other environmental data
  • Can be incorporated into sustainability classes and programs
  • Unlimited user logins allow all stakeholders to view current and past performance
  • Unlimited data storage enables visual reporting tools like Data Replay, allowing users to “rewind” to a point in time to see historical data
  • Navigate building to building from a view of the complete campus

Gemini is the perfect tool to present decarbonization efforts to faculty, students, and outside investors.

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