IoT Platform



UrsaLeo Cloud is a complete IoT platform taking data from sensors to the cloud


We take security seriously. All interactions between the user and the cloud are secured with public key cryptography. Users can have dedicated servers and we are fully security audited.

Instant on

Using pre-tested hardware configurations, data can be going to the cloud in a few minutes. Pre-packaged hardware kits can be purchased from our distributors, or use our API to add your own sensor data to the system. Accounts can be created in moments at services.ursaleo.com/invite


We provide a range of dashboards to view real time and historical data. Each dashboard can be fully customized and assigned on a sensor by sensor basis.

Events and alerts

Rules can be created to trigger emails, texts and webhooks based on incoming sensor data.


We scale to take in data from hundreds of thousands of data points per second. Run on premise or in the public cloud.

Data storage and download

Data is securely stored for 5 years by default and always available for download

  • Download sensors data over a selectable date range
  • Import resulting CSV file to your favorite analytics tool


APIs are available to ingress sensor data, provide data download and stream data to external applications.