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Streamline Operations by Interacting with Data in 3D

While there are many applications of Digital Twins, UrsaLeo focuses on using them to improve the efficiency of real-time operations. All sensor data is available through a photorealistic 3D model of any given facility or piece of equipment, sending the user to the exact location of an error condition immediately. As problems rarely happen in isolation, data from nearby and related equipment can easily be located and selected. Datasheets and maintenance records are available directly within the 3D model and can connect to an already established ERP or work order system to facilitate a seamless updating process. 

Collaboration between on-site and remote staff using our digital twins speeds up response times and reduces travel costs. Reporting can be made entirely visual by ‘recording’ the digital twin showing all relevant data around an alert for use in future trainings, design change decisions, or for insurance purposes.

Use Cases

Our spatially aware 3D models display IoT data in its exact location and help identify the source of a problem while allowing users to select objects connected to or close to the issue. This begins the triage process quicker and more efficiently, resulting in cutting down day-to-day operational costs.

Users can retrieve documentation such as equipment datasheets, maintenance records, installation and configuration data, etc. with the click of a mouse. The 3D model provides documentation for any given problem as well as updates records after the issue has been resolved, on-site, through your chosen device.

Our digital twins allow for real-time, remote collaboration for on-site units between experts and local maintenance professionals. The collaborative feature also permits multiple users around the globe to experience any given scene simultaneously for troubleshooting and/or training purposes.

Once the issue is resolved, our digital twins allow users to select an area of interest, rewind the model in real-time, and record a ‘virtual video’ that can be utilized as a reference for future repairs, as a training tool, and as a means to transfer knowledge.


Alleantia is an innovative Italian software house, operating in the Industrial Internet of Things as an accelerator of the digitalization of industries. Alleantia is known internationally for its capability of interconnecting machines, production plants, transport systems and any kind of industrial devices to on-premise or in-cloud enterprise IT applications, through a simple technology accessible to all. The innovative Italian company has partnered with some of the largest global players in the IT sector, from Dell to Cisco to Advantech and IBM, and in its recent past it has included five mentions in the prestigious Gartner reports, the most influential analysts on the market.

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