Intuitive cloud based monitoring



UrsaLeo provides a way to add industrial metaverse features to any software platform. Beginning with a digital twin derived from CAD or from a LIDAR/photogrammetry scan and data via an API, UrsaLeo’s Gemini product can be integrated into any SaaS platform using a React framework. 

Backed by a powerful backend, Gemini’s data translation service collects information from a variety of sources and sends alerts when predetermined thresholds are met. When an alert is triggered, Gemini can zoom or use a virtual camera to bring focus to the source of an incident or problem. Visual reporting brings these failures to life so you can view past events to affect change.

Metaverse features such as cloud collaboration, augmented reality, and data replay are all immediately available on integration.


Decarbonization and net zero are no longer just buzzwords. Many institutions have aggressive goals in this arena and many must hit these goals in a matter of a couple of years. Using Gemini’s Energy Analysis feature, facilities managers can see immediately how much energy is being consumed, with heavy hitters reported in a succinct list so you know what is using the most energy at any given moment.

The Gemini platform ingests data from many types of sources, from static sensor data to moving sensors on objects or machinery, and even connects to other systems for maintenance records, documentation, and more. Positioning sensors makes it possible to create geofences around hazardous areas or to warn about dangerous interactions, such as when a person might walk into the path of a forklift.

Using our rich Collaboration feature, team members can inspect visualizations, review information, and interact simultaneously no matter where they are in the world.

Gemini showcases custom visualizations to give more information and insight. For building management, these can be used to show goal progress or inform of an energy spike in the facility or to direct or train building maintenance personnel. For equipment, these visualizations can be used in training, incident investigations, problem-solving, or even insurance claims. Gemini makes it easy to watch recordings of the associated data directly in the application. This is vastly superior to a paper report and less subject to errors.

Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), users can go beyond basic on-screen visualization and reporting to enhance training, assembly, and diagnostic activities for equipment.

The Gemini platform was designed to simplify management of complex machinery and industrial facilities so the IoT data collected is easy to use and act upon.