Intuitive cloud based monitoring



Gemini delivers a holistic view of assets and facilities so users can monitor and manage everything from anywhere at any time through its WebGL-based browser application, and iOS application for iPad and iPhone.

Our product’s data translation service collects information from various sources and sends alerts when an incident or problem occurs. At each location, Gemini can use a virtual camera to bring focus to the source of an incident or problem.


Gemini ingests data from many sources, from static sensor data to moving sensors on objects or machinery, and even connects to other systems for maintenance records, documentation, and more. Positioning sensors makes it possible to create geofences around hazardous areas or to warn about dangerous interactions, such as when a person might walk into the path of a forklift.

Gemini showcases custom visualizations for equipment for use in training, incident investigations, problem-solving, or even insurance claims. Gemini makes it easy to watch recordings of the associated data submitted for insurance and regulatory purposes. This is vastly superior to a paper report and less subject to errors.

Using our rich Collaboration feature, team members can inspect visualizations, review information, and interact simultaneously no matter where they are in the world.

Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), users go beyond basic on-screen visualization and reporting to enhance training, assembly, and diagnostic activities.

Gemini was designed to simplify management of complex machinery and industrial facilities so the IoT data collected is easy to use and act upon.