Low cost development kits, cloud computing priced per megabyte.



Our dev kits include the gateway hardware, cloud-connected code, our standard sensors, and access to the UrsaLeo cloud platform. In addition, users can request additional sensors and access our online technical resources to begin building custom workflows and alerts.

* Kit prices start around $250 but vary depending on model 

Buy a Development Kit

Simple pricing, buy what you need.

Once you have your kit, you’ll need to connect it with the UrsaLeo cloud platform. This provisioning process is simple and takes about 15 minutes. UrsaLeo cloud production pricing is based on usage — meaning you only pay for the amount of data transmitted, stored and processed on a monthly basis. UrsaLeo cloud platform is free for thirty days and then you pay per development system registered during the prototype phase.


$0 / 30 days
$15 / Month / UrsaLeo Gateway

  • 50MB / Gateway stored
  • Access to all features
  • As many users as you want


Charges based on data volumes

Per MB sent, stored and processed

  • Any amount of data
  • Pay per MB 
  • No limit to users

* Metered billing is calculated based on data transmitted, data stored, and the amount of resources used per month. Charges vary based on usage.


You get access to it all.


Add sensor and gateway data to the cloud platform to define ownership, maintenance record, location, default dashboards, automatic alert settings and more.


All your data displayed as attractive dashboard panels. New dashboard panels can be created from our library using a simple drag and drop editor.

Events / Alerts

You can easily create and customize text or email alerts based on single or multiple sensor parameters being met. Alerts can also be generated when sensor data is NOT received - such as a power outage or equipment failure.

Access Management

User access can be defined down to the single sensor level. Administrators can carefully control access by assigning custom roles to any user login.


By default, data is kept for one month. However, you can customize storage time to fit your business needs.

Sensor and Gateway Data

A record of the sensor type, message address and many more parameters are permanently stored in the UrsaLeo cloud.

Schedule a Demo

See the UrsaLeo cloud in action.

During the demo we will assemble a kit, connect sensors and start sending data to the cloud. We can set event / alerts and heat up the sensor board triggering a text or email to be sent to you.

Get Started