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Streamline Operations by Interacting with Data in 3D

UrsaLeo’s cloud-based digital twin platform enables companies to do more with their Industry 4.0 data. Collaboration is built into the product allowing remote maintenance, training, and operation. Our twins can be viewed on any device from servers to smartphones allowing them to be used on-site and in the control room. Advanced visualizations such as fluid flow and X-Ray vision enable better triaging when problems arise. Reporting for internal, insurance, and regulatory purposes are delivered directly from the twin. Integrations are already available for many common IoT platforms and asset management systems, with more added all the time. We also support the latest technology in wearables and AR/VR to provide reduced costs, improved safety, and a reduced environmental impact for our customers.


Our spatially aware 3D models display IoT data in its exact location and help identify the source of a problem while allowing users to select objects connected to or close to the issue. This begins the triage process quicker and more efficiently, resulting in cutting down day-to-day operational costs.

Users can retrieve documentation such as equipment datasheets, maintenance records, installation and configuration data, etc. with the click of a mouse. The 3D model provides documentation for any given problem as well as updates records after the issue has been resolved, on-site, through your chosen device.

Our digital twins allow for real-time, remote collaboration for on-site units between experts and local maintenance professionals. The collaborative feature also permits multiple users around the globe to experience any given scene simultaneously for troubleshooting and/or training purposes.

Once the issue is resolved, our digital twins allow users to select an area of interest, rewind the model in real-time, and record a ‘virtual video’ that can be utilized as a reference for future repairs, as a training tool, and as a means to transfer knowledge.


  • Native Windows app
  • Browser version for laptop or PC
  • Native IoS app for iPad
  • AR headsets

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