View facility data on a 3D model

UrsaLeo webflow


A complete IoT platform combined with advanced data visualization for Industry 4.0


We take security seriously. All interactions between the user and the cloud are secured with public key cryptography. Data storage resources aren't shared among customers.


Want to see the location of forklifts trucks, or delivery vehicles? Provide coordinates and we display smooth animations as they move around. Wish to include physical asset information on the model? We can ingest data from many resources, making the model your most robust and invaluable status tool.

Triage & analysis tools

Rewind and replay the model to isolate problems. Engage X-Ray mode to see the fluid levels in tanks or inner workings of equipment. Display heat maps to show sensor gradients over areas.

Easy maintenance

We understand the fast pace of industry today. Things change and evolve. We'll deliver an editable model so you can manage any changes to asset and data location points directly in the model using our editing tools. You'll only ever need to contact us for major structural changes to your facility. The rest is at your fingertips.


We scale to take in data from hundreds of thousands of data points per second. Run on premise or in the public cloud.

Data storage and download

Data is securely stored for 5 years by default and always available for download

  • Download sensors data over a selectable date range
  • Import resulting CSV file to your favorite analytics tool

Events and Alerts

Users can define event triggers and set up camera viewpoints to automatically zoom directly to issues based on incoming data. Alerts can also be delivered via SMS, email, or into your preferred ERP system.