End-to-end IoT platform. From sensor to cloud to 3rd party applications.

John's First Project


The UrsaLeo Cloud Platform is a highly secure enterprise-class PaaS capable of supporting millions of sensors.

Fully audited for security, the UrsaLeo Cloud is an end-to-end solution from sensor to cloud and out to 3rd party applications.


Security has been designed into UrsaLeo Cloud at every level, fully audited by an external company.

  • All internal APIs and logins are secured with cryptographic keys
  • Control signal to devices are secured with cryptographic keys

Enterprise Class

The UrsaLeo Cloud is designed for scalability.

  • Securely connect millions of globally dispersed devices
  • Scale automatically in response to real-time changes
  • Deployed on Google Cloud, but portable to any cloud or edge

Adding Devices

UrsaLeo provides connection software available for download and pre-assembled dev kits.

  • Automated device provisioning - during gateway software installation, system generates UUIDs and security keys
  • Support for Yocto and Raspbian Linux
  • Tested gateways include Raspberry Pi 3B and NXP UltraLite

Sensor Library

We currently support a range of environmental sensors with new sensors added to the system upon request.

  • Let us know what sensor you need supported
  • Demo application has nine sensors connected via BLE
  • We wil continue to add sensors to the library as needed


We provide a library of dashboards and will add more on request.

  • Variety of gauges and dials available
  • Customizable with min / max ranges, unit conversions and calibration
  • Contact us for custom requests

Data Storage and Download

Data is securely stored for 5 years by default and always available for download.

  • Download sensor data over a selectable date range
  • Import resulting CSV file to your favorite analytics tool

Events and Alerts

Incoming data is compared to pre-defined conditions and used to generate email, texts, web hooks and control signals.

  • Capable of supporting many thousands of messages / second
  • Conditions can be combined and nested through a graphical editor

Coming soon!

Rich API Offering

We offer a rich API offering to ingest and export data.

  • Gateway API to allow users to add sensors and other data to the system
  • REST API for automated data download
  • Webhooks to drive control signals back to external servers
  • Websocket streaming API to connect to 3rd party applications

Coming soon!