End-to-end IoT platform, including advanced visualization of data on accurate 3D models

John's First Project


Taking data directly from sensors or from other IoT platforms, UrsaLeo displays the data on 2D dashboards or on a accurate 3D model of the facility

UrsaLeo allows sensor data to be viewed 'in situ' allowing much greater insight into causes of sensor readings


Security has been designed into UrsaLeo Cloud at every level, fully audited by an external company.

  • All internal APIs and logins are secured with cryptographic keys
  • Control signal to devices are secured with cryptographic keys

Enterprise Class

The UrsaLeo Cloud is designed for scalability.

  • Securely connect millions of globally dispersed devices
  • Scale automatically in response to real-time changes
  • Cloud agnostic, portable to any cloud or edge

Adding Devices

UrsaLeo provides connection software available for download to directly connect gateways

  • Automated device provisioning - during gateway software installation, system generates UUIDs and security keys
  • APIs available to add your own sensors

Sensor Library

We currently provide code for a range of enviornmental sensors and new sensors can be added by users.

  • Our API allows new sensors to be added to the system as required
  • Demonstartion applications featuring sensors over BLE and I2C


We work with you to create the 3D model and add sensor data to it.

  • Variety of pre-designed gauges and dials available
  • Customizable with min / max ranges, unit conversions and calibration

Data Storage and Download

Data is securely stored for 5 years by default and always available for download.

  • Download sensor data over a selectable date range
  • Import resulting CSV file to your favorite analytics tool

Events and Alerts

Incoming data is compared to pre-defined conditions and used to generate email, texts and web hooks.

  • Capable of supporting many thousands of messages / second
  • Conditions can be combined and nested through a graphical editor
  • Webhooks can be used to interface to hundreds of other applications. For example generate Slack and Teams messages and create support tickets in support applications like Zen Desk

Rich API Offering

We offer a rich API offering to ingest and export data.

  • Gateway API to allow users to add sensors and other data to the system
  • REST API for automated data download
  • Websocket streaming API to connect to 3rd party applications