Release Notes

Follow these steps to get your UrsaLeo DevKit setup and connected to the UrsaLeo Cloud:

  1. Unbox your DevKit and connect the components:
  2. Create an account by visiting and filling out your details. Create account form Getting started account creation form

  3. Go to your email and click validation link.

  4. Accept the End User License Agreement.

  5. Go though account creation.

  6. Each account has its own virtual machine which your devices run in. Before you can register your devices, click Provision Engine to create the virtual environment - this can take a few minutes to complete.

  7. Once Engine creation has completed, click Register Device. Enter the DeviceID ( eg mo:XXXX ) and 16-digit Registraton Code (eg XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) found on the DevKit box or card inside the box, plus a Device Name for your device. Device names can be up to 10 alphanumeric characters of your choosing. Register device Registering a device form

  8. To configure Wifi, get the latest features and security updates, it is recommended to update your UrsaLeo Cloud Connectivity software. Use the following guidelines depending on your PC operating system:
  9. Now that your UrsaLeo Cloud account and DevKit are setup, it is time to start streaming data to the UrsaLeo Cloud. Follow this guideline to start and shutdown your DevKit correctly:

If you have followed this guide and have any issues then check our FAQ’s for help.