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Industry 4.0 is generating vast amounts of data. With staff drawn from Apple and the gaming industry, UrsaLeo has a relentless focus on user interface and helping companies make the best use of their data.


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Alleantia is an innovative Italian software house, operating in the Industrial Internet of Things as an accelerator of the digitalization of industries. Alleantia is known internationally for its capability of interconnecting machines, supporting drivers for over 5,000 common sensors, production plants, transport systems and any kind of industrial devices to on-premise or in-cloud enterprise IT applications, through a simple technology accessible to all. The innovative Italian company has partnered with some of the largest global players in the IT sector, from Dell to Cisco to Advantech and IBM, and in its recent past it has included five mentions in the prestigious Gartner reports, the most influential analysts on the market.

VT Scans uses both LIDAR and Photogrammetry to scan industrial spaces across North America. They scan both internally and, using drones, externally. We can quickly process their scans to generate the photorealistic 3D Digital twins.

Headquartered in California, Paracosma is a 3D art studio with more than 70 employees in Nepal. Paracosma produces beautiful 3D models from CAD, LIDAR scans or from photographs.
Connect Up Technologies provides a safety, health, and performance monitoring solution designed to keep workforces across a spectrum of industries safe while optimizing their operations. They are OSHA and CDC regulatory champions all while helping companies streamline time-consuming processes (i.e. injury reports, insurance forms) so that Connect Up’s clients can focus on their business at the core.
Boon Logic is the industry leader in unsupervised machine learning that provides scalable and insightful solutions for predictive maintenance, process monitoring, and visual inspection for quality assurance. Through the power of the Boon Nano, a new mathematical process for anomaly detection, models are built autonomously without domain expertise of the underlying asset nor label defects. Our customers benefit by reducing model engineering costs, monitoring more assets and complex systems and accelerating digital transformation.