Case Study

Based in Oklahoma City, Flogistix has emerged over the last ten years as a major supplier of equipment to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. Flogistix has implemented its own IoT system and already gathers over 60 data points / minute from their field units

Flogistix is a leading manufacturer of vapor recovery units used to capture methane gas dissolved in the oil during the production process. Flogistix has units installed across North America, often in remote locations. When they were looking for a way to improve the speed and reduce the cost of maintenance, they came to UrsaLeo. Together, we have created digital twins of their units and integrated them with their existing Flux IoT platform. We are now adding unique visualizations such as fluid flow and volumetric heat maps to display gas densities across a volume of space. Flogistix expects to use the twins to perform remote maintenance, reduce the number of ‘truck rolls’, and cut maintenance costs
“Using UrsaLeo’s digital twins, we expect to see a 10-15% reduction in maintenance costs” – Mims Talton, CEO Flogistix