Unity 3D Graphics/Application Engineer

Unity 3D Graphics/Application Engineer

UrsaLeo is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on bringing IoT technology to industry. Through its cloud and 3D interface solutions, UrsaLeo is revolutionizing how facilities are brought online and how users understand the data coming out of those facilities.

About the job: 

We are developing an application for visualizing massive streams of IoT sensor data in 3D. This application is being built with the Unity game engine and is essentially a “game” without gameplay. 

We are seeking a seasoned 3D Graphics/Application Engineer with experience building visually sophisticated games or tools in Unity. This position can be local to the SF bay area or remote. 

We need someone who we can count on to: 

  • Collaborate with UI/UX designers and artists to design beautiful interactive experiences 

  • Implement visual features using state-of-the-art techniques in real-time rendering 

  • Develop the application code that brings these visual features to life 

  • Work with backend engineers to define APIs that the application will consume 

  • Define the architecture, libraries, and tools needed to build the application 

  • Document architectures, workflows, test plans, etc., and share your knowledge with the team 

Successful candidates will have: 

  • An eye for good design and user experience 

  • A passion for Unity as a development platform 

  • Demonstrated experience building games or tools with Unity 

  • Strong proficiency with writing shaders in Unity 

  • Strong proficiency with C#/Mono/.NET 

  • Working knowledge of git 

Within 1 month you’ll…

  • Be an expert with our product 

  • Learn our tools and processes 

  • Prototype different ways of visualizing data 

  • Support early pilot users of the application 

Within 3 months you’ll…

  • Create prototypes and demos for customers, investors, and trade shows 

  • Help spec out and plan advanced application features 

Within 6 months you’ll…

  • Implement advanced application features 

  • Implement sophisticated real-time visual effects

Within 1 year you’ll…

  • Deliver the 1.0 release 

  • Help define next generation features 

To apply for this position, send your current resume to jobs@ursaleo.com.