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Silicon valley expertise for industrial equipment makers

UrsaLeo brings cutting edge technology to the world of industrial equipment, allowing you to reap the benefit of collecting data from your products.

Unleashing the power of IoT

IoT and cloud computing are revolutionizing every industry - UrsaLeo was founded to make this technology easy to use and accessible. Companies that don’t have an IT department familiar with micro-services and virtual machines can still make use of the technology, all you need is a browser to access your sensor data – we handle the rest.

We are passionate about the ability of technology to change the world for the better. Today we face challenges on almost every level - but the technology already exists to tackle most of those challenges. Our mission is to enable industries to transform the way they do business. Sensors allow companies to save resources - money, time and more. More efficient irrigation. Less energy wasted. Reduced transportation costs. The positive impact of this technology across the whole economy is why we started UrsaLeo

Smart equipment for modern business

Connected equipment drives business intelligence at every level and opens new revenue streams

The internet of things promises to revolutionize every industry. However, it’s a complex mix of technologies – from embedded hardware and software, all the way through cloud connectivity technology. Most companies don’t have all the technical resources internally to implement a full IoT system. UrsaLeo was founded to open that technology to every user, and every industry – no matter how small. We provide all of the code to connect sensors to the cloud and all of the customizable cloud modules needed to visualize, act and analyze that data. No IT department required.

Industry experts making IoT accessible

The people behind UrsaLeo

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